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IMPORTANT: OurPages Instant Editable Website Templates have only recently been made available from this website. We are sorry but we are unable to accept applications from Affiliates at the present moment and suggest, that if you are interested in becoming an affiliate, that you bookmark this site so that you can visit it again at a future date.

WEB SITE OWNERS and those trying out Our Pages Ltd's on-line templates for 24 hours, who wish to make changes to their web site, as well as AFFILIATES who promote Our Pages Ltd's Personal Domain Service, should log-in here. They should enter their website address below and click the 'Administer Site' button. Once they have done this, they will be prompted to enter their user name and password to be granted access to their Administration  Controls.

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can change your contact details. Both Customers and Affiliates can view the "registration status" of referrals in their commission records and activate their Payments Button to receive Commission for Introductions.

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Our pages, instant editable websites

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